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I came across this article the other day. It discusses the tactics that Allstate has used to quickly resolve claims in order to save the company money and to dissuade injured claimants from seeking legal advice. Allstate certainly isn’t alone with employing various tactics to ‘short change’ injured people from what they deserve. More often than not, by the time an injured client calls for an appointment, they have already been contacted by an insurance adjustor trying to settle their claim. I predominately hear of two approaches. The first approach is like Allstate has used, which I call the “Buddy Approach.” These adjustors seem so caring and thoughtful, that you are comforted into divulging information that is going to used against properly valuing your claim. They may even throw out a comment like, “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but ….” Or a, “Since you have been so cooperative with me, I’m going to talk with my supervisor about providing you more money.” These comments are all a part of their strategy to quickly resolve the case without you seeking legal advice. The second approach is what I call the “Hostage Approach.” These adjustors are very aggressive and persistent. They are quick to say that an attorney is just going to take all of your money. They aren’t shy to say that if you don’t take their offer in a certain amount of time, then it will be withdrawn and you won’t get anything. Comments like, “My manager told me to offer this amount, even though I thought it was too high. So you better accept it because it’s the best you’re ever going to get for this claim” are used to breed fear apprehension in seeking true legal advice. No matter what approach, if you have been in an accident or are dealing with an insurance adjustor regarding a claim, call and talk with us. We do free consultations for a reason. And that free advice could means a lot less headache and provide you what you truly deserve for your injuries.

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