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While you’re out drinking green beer (Is that stuff even safe? and Irish car bombs (If you don’t know, now you know: this St. Patrick’s day weekend, realize that law enforcement will be saturating the streets. Our local television station ran a story about law enforcement cracking down on impaired driving for the St. Patty’s day weekend

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is broadcasting that extra patrols will be out and about with an intent to deter and detect impaired drivers. Not only will the law enforcement be patrolling the areas where the alcohol establishments are located, but they may be patrolling your neighborhood and other ‘off the beaten path’ areas.

Consider this your fair warning to line up designated drivers; save the local cab company’s number in your phone (Starbright Cab 740-453-3882); or download Uber or Lyft (if you’re in an area where services are provided, as the Zanesville greater metropolitan area is NOT one of them). Be safe and responsible. You don’t wanna have to call Bob!

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