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Biden’s Federal Marijuana Pardon and What It Means for Ohio

Oct 15, 2022 - Criminal Defense Law

President Biden recently announced that he is taking executive action to pardon those convicted of simple marijuana possession under federal law. Biden also called on state governors to take similar action and erase state-level offenses for simple marijuana possession. Although recreational marijuana remains illegal in Ohio, 30 cities across the state have decriminalized cannabis. Ohio … Continue reading “Biden’s Federal Marijuana Pardon and What It Means for Ohio”

Ohio Felony Sentencing and Fines Guidelines

Jun 21, 2019 - Criminal Defense Law, Legal System

Being convicted—or simply accused—of a state felony in Ohio will impact your quality of life moving forward. To what extent depends, in large part, on the degree of the felony. Ohio divides felonies into five classes, from first-degree (the most serious) to fifth-degree (the least serious). Prison sentences and fines vary by the seriousness of … Continue reading “Ohio Felony Sentencing and Fines Guidelines”

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