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Industrial Commission Awards Death Benefits to Amanda Carpenter

Oct 17, 2023 - Worker's Compensation

Nearly four-and-a-half years after her fiancé was tragically killed on the job, Amanda Carpenter has been awarded workers’ compensation death benefits by the Ohio Industrial Commission (IC). The award is the culmination of a hard-fought legal battle that involved numerous appeals and a precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling. Finally, Ms. Carpenter will receive the benefits she … Continue reading “Industrial Commission Awards Death Benefits to Amanda Carpenter”

Ohio Supreme Court Affirms Death Benefits Wrongly Denied to Fiancé

Jul 17, 2023 - Accident Law, Worker's Compensation

Graham Law has won an Ohio Supreme Court case involving a woman denied workers’ compensation death benefits after her long-time partner died on the job. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the worker’s fiancé should have been given the chance to prove she was a “family member” wholly dependent on the worker and therefore entitled … Continue reading “Ohio Supreme Court Affirms Death Benefits Wrongly Denied to Fiancé”

Graham Law Wins Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits Appeal

Dec 30, 2021 - Worker's Compensation

Normally, when a worker dies on the job in Ohio, the worker’s dependent family members—such as a surviving spouse and children—are entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. In a recent case handled by Graham & Graham, the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) found that a woman was not entitled to death benefits because she wasn’t … Continue reading “Graham Law Wins Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits Appeal”

Remote Work Injuries and Workers’ Compensation 

Sep 15, 2021 - Worker's Compensation

When an employee’s home is regarded as a worksite, it raises questions about remote work injuries and workers’ compensation. Generally, if a person is injured while teleworking, those injuries qualify for workers’ compensation. But like other types of work injuries, several factors are used to make this determination. Because work from home injuries are more … Continue reading “Remote Work Injuries and Workers’ Compensation “

Guide to Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Jun 17, 2021 - Worker's Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an important safety net for Ohioans who suffer injuries and illnesses as a result of their employment. Every year, around three out of every 100 full-time workers will qualify for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are provided regardless of fault and at no cost to employees. As long as the injury … Continue reading “Guide to Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits”

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Light-Duty Work Requirements

Feb 10, 2021 - Worker's Compensation

When a worker is injured on the job in Ohio and files for workers’ compensation benefits, they undergo a medical evaluation to determine the extent of their injuries. If the doctor determines that the employee’s physical restrictions prevent them from returning to their job, but the employer can offer a light-duty job that meets the … Continue reading “Ohio Workers’ Compensation Light-Duty Work Requirements”

New Law Makes Several Changes to Ohio Workers’ Comp Claims

Oct 13, 2020 - Worker's Compensation

Important changes to Ohio’s workers’ compensation statutes took effect mid-September 2020 with the passing of House Bill 81. The changes include a shortened timeframe for filing a Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR) and clarity around the employer argument of so-called “voluntary abandonment of employment.” The new workers’ comp law also increases the amount … Continue reading “New Law Makes Several Changes to Ohio Workers’ Comp Claims”

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Allowing Some COVID-19 Claims

Apr 22, 2020 - Coronavirus, Worker's Compensation

Ohio State Workers’ Compensation law currently covers 22 occupational diseases. The scheduled occupational diseases range from anthrax and lead poisoning to conditions related to industrial processes involving the use of radioactive substances in luminous paint. Now, two bills have been introduced that would make COVID-19 an occupational disease under state workers’ comp law, under certain … Continue reading “Ohio Workers’ Compensation Allowing Some COVID-19 Claims”

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