How Insurers Use Evaluation Software to Place a “Fair” Value on Claims

Have you ever wondered how auto insurance companies determine the value of an accident case? While insurance companies are secretive about the formulas they use to calculate settlement offers, the common belief is that they use a computer model, or “claim evaluation software,” to place a “fair” value on insured claims. Some outcomes even [...]

How to Get an Expedited Decision for Your Social Security Disability Claim

A long backlog for Social Security Disability (SSD) claims means that people are waiting for months or even years to find out whether they qualify for compensation. In the meantime, many claimants, who are unable to work, struggle to afford basic living expenses, lose their homes and savings, and go without medical treatment. Certain types [...]

Why Your Social Media Posts Can Hurt Your Legal Case

Social media posts have become part of the fabric of our lives—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We share inspiration, frustration, and news, oftentimes freely and publicly. While social media sharing can increase our connectedness, it can also pose big problems if you’re dealing with a legal issue—a disability claim, personal injury [...]