If Tiger Woods can do it, so can you

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was recently charged with impaired driving. Apparently, he was under the influence of a concoction of sleeping pills and pain killers that were prescribed after he had back surgery. It is all too common that what seems to start as the reasonable and lawful prescribing of opioid’s as pain medication, leads to [...]

One Beer Could Get You Arrested

Utah recently passed legislation reducing the permissible blood alcohol content to operate a vehicle from .08% to .05%. Utah is the first state in the country that has taken this step. The federal government has already taken the stance that all states should reduce their legal limit of blood alcohol content to drive a vehicle. With Utah’s [...]

Don’t let road karma get you

There is a powerful energy out on the roads that people need to recognize. It’s the ever-present “road karma.” If you have never heard of road karma, it’s probably because you are the type that doesn’t let the little old lady merge onto the freeway. Or maybe you’re the type to never let that soccer dad, with […]