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The Ohio Domestic Violence Network reported that in 2022, Ohio suffered 112 domestic violence fatalities. However, the State of Ohio can issue court orders to protect individuals from future abuse, threats or harassment from another person. This kind of court order is known as a Civil Protection Order (CPO) and they can be issued by the Domestic Relations Court. A petitioner can file a petition against their abuser (respondent) and these petitions must be filed in court of the county they reside in and there must be demonstrable evidence to show that the petitioner and/or a family or household member are in immediate and present danger of domestic violence.

At Graham Law, our criminal defense attorneys represent respondents in these types of claims and have been doing so for decades now throughout Southeastern and Central Ohio. With a law office in both Zanesville and Cambridge, Ohio, we are ready to help. Contact our law office for immediate assistance if you reside in Ohio and require legal representation as a respondent to a CPO.

Types of CPOs in Ohio

Here is a brief overview on the different types of CPOs available in Ohio.

  • Domestic Violence CPO: This CPO is intended to protect family members or household members from domestic violence and can extend to existing and former spouses, parents, children, individuals that the petitioner has lived with as well as foster parents and children.
  • Civil Stalking CPO: This CPO is intended to protect individuals from stalking behavior.
  • Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order: This CPO is intended to protect individuals from sexually oriented crimes.
  • Juvenile CPO (JCPO) and Domestic Violence JCPO: These CPOs are intended to protect minors under the age of 18 from abuse by another minor.

If you are a respondent for any of these types of CPOs and require legal representation, contact our law firm for legal help.

Eligibility Criteria for CPOs

In order for a petitioner to file a CPO against you, they must be able to prove that you have committed any of the following acts:

  • Domestic violence including physical violence or threats of physical violence or causing any type of physical harm
  • Stalking behavior that is repetitive such as repeatedly following, harassing or threatening another person
  • Sexually oriented offenses such as rape, sexual assault or any other sex crime

After a petition has been filed, a judge will hold a hearing typically within 7 to 10 days to hear the testimony and review any evidence presented. The respondent has a right to attend and present their defense and this is where our attorneys come in. The sooner you seek legal help, the better. If the judge finds sufficient evidence to grant a CPO, it can stay in effect for up to five years and possibly be renewed again. Violations of CPOs can also result in arrests and jail time.

Contact Graham Law’s Criminal Defense Attorneys for Legal Assistance With Civil Protection Orders

If you have been given a CPO in Ohio and are in need of legal help, contact our criminal defense attorneys for immediate legal assistance. Our team has decades of experience in representing respondents who have been issued CPOs. Let us put our experience to work for you.


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