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In Ohio, there are key differences between criminal investigations and pre-indictment investigations in terms of the objectives and scope they intend to serve, timelines as well as collaborating parties.

Criminal investigations are intended to gather enough evidence to determine if a crime has taken place and to identify the perpetrator(s). Whereas with pre-indictment investigations, once a suspect has been identified, the investigation is more in-depth, and investigators will look for strong evidence to support specific criminal charges.

Here is a brief overview on how these types of investigations work in Ohio.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are typically instigated by a crime being reported, suspicious activity or information obtained from other investigators. The process may extend to things like investigating the scene of where the crime took place where investigators will look for fingerprints, DNA, etc. They may also include gathering witness statements from witnesses and gathering information like surveillance or digital footage. Depending on the nature of the crime, there may be various law enforcement agencies or groups involved at the local, state, or federal level.

If you are undergoing a criminal investigation, we recommend you consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Pre-indictment Investigations

These types of investigations are aimed at finding evidence to support criminal charges once a suspect has been identified. They may include things like in-depth interviews with not just the suspect but also witnesses and in some cases interrogation techniques may be used. They may include obtaining warrants or relying on forensic expert analysis. The goal is to gain enough evidence to convince the prosecutor to pursue charges against the suspect. If you are a suspect in a pre-indictment investigation, contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately.

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The outcome of both forms of investigations will either lead to arrest and charges against the suspect or result in no charges. Either way, we recommend you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Whether At Graham Law, our criminal defense attorneys have been providing legal assistance to Ohioans since 1923. With offices in Zanesville and Cambridge, Ohio – we make it easy for you to have access to justice in Southeastern and Central Ohio. Contact our law firm to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately.




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