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Not Guilty
• Receiving Stolen Property = Not Guilty
Attorney Kris Hill secured a "not guilty" verdict for his client, who faced charges of receiving stolen property. Our client was the owner of a used car dealership and had unknowingly acquired a vehicle previously registered as stolen. Hill effectively demonstrated that the client had no intent to purchase a stolen vehicle and was unaware of its status, ultimately clearing the client of any wrongdoing.
June 2019 - Perry County
Not Guilty
• Domestic Violence = Not Guilty
A full time father in the middle of a divorce with an absent mother is accused of domestic violence to their son. After a significant absence, the mother returns home to accuse both her children's fathers of abuse. With Kris Hill's representation, this father was able to prove he was "not guilty" and show he truly is devoted to his child's care and happiness.
February 2020 - Morgan County
Not Guilty
• Gross Sexual Imposition (x2) = Not Guilty
• Endangering Children = Not Guilty
• Rape (x2) = Not Guilty
• Sexual Battery (x2) = Not Guilty

In the aftermath of a bitter divorce, our client was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter by both the daughter and her mother. Attorney Kris Hill dismantled the case against our client by exposing their inconsistent testimonies and demonstrated a close relationship between father and daughter, which only deteriorated after his new marriage began. With a compelling defense, Hill successfully persuaded the jury of our client's innocence, resulting in a verdict of "not guilty."
July 2020 - Muskingum County
Not Guilty
• Aggravated Vehicular Homicide = Not Guilty
• Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs = Not Guilty

Our client was behind the wheel when a devastating accident claimed the life of his girlfriend, and he was charged with driving under the influence. However, attorney Kris Hill successfully argued that our client was not impaired while driving. Witnesses confirmed his sobriety, and Hill highlighted that he was operating an unfamiliar vehicle with an 8-inch lift kit, oversized tires, and a significantly underinflated front left tire on a windy road. Consequently, the jury reached a verdict of "not guilty."
May 2021 – Morgan County
• Rape = Dismissed
Our client faced a grave accusation of rape by his adopted daughter, but after hiring a private investigator, it was revealed that the daughter had significant mental health issues. The case was ultimately dismissed when the alleged victim admitted to fabricating the allegations.
November 2021 - Muskingum County
Not Guilty
• Rape = Not Guilty
Following a night of consensual sex and marijuana use, a naïve young man found himself accused of unlawful sexual conduct and sought assistance from Graham Law. There was an alleged confession to the investigating detective, that was not recorded. Attorney Kris Hill carefully examined the accuser's interview and skillfully exposed her multiple lies and manipulative behavior, ultimately securing a "not guilty" verdict for our client.
December 2021 - Licking County
Not Guilty
• Rape = Not Guilty
• Kidnapping = Not Guilty

Attorney Kris Hill defended a young man who was facing accusations of rape and kidnapping made by his ex-girlfriend. Despite their on-again-off-again relationship leading to consensual sexual encounters the ex-girlfriend, driven by regret, falsely accused our client of rape. Hill presented evidence showing that the taped confession arose because the ex-girlfriend failed to communicate her lack of consent, and she acknowledged that our client had no way of knowing her misgivings. As a result, the jury delivered a verdict of not guilty in our client's favor.
March 2022 - Muskingum County
• Gross Sexual Imposition (x2) = Dismissed
• Rape (x2) = Dismissed

A Muskingum County man, devoted to helping others, faced accusations of inappropriate contact with a minor he lived with at the time. Thanks to Kris Hill's unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth, both the alleged victim and prosecutors chose to dismiss the charges against him.
April 2022 - Muskingum County
Not Guilty
• Rape (x24) = Not Guilty
Attorney Kris Hill achieved a "not guilty" verdict for our 71-year-old client, who had been falsely accused of rape by two granddaughters. Hill skillfully exposed the inconsistencies in the granddaughters' narratives, revealing that their accusations arose only once our client was poised to receive a substantial inheritance and right after one granddaughter filed for bankruptcy.
May 2022 - Perry County
Not Guilty
• Felonious Assault = Not Guilty
Attorney Kris Hill successfully demonstrated to the jury that our client was not guilty of assault, despite being accused. Attempting to de-escalate a fight between two men, the friend of our client was provoked and responded by striking the aggressor, causing him to lose consciousness. Subsequently, the aggressor regained consciousness and attacked our client, prompting him to defend himself. Despite the alleged victim's broken jaw, Hill returned a "not guilty" verdict.
June 2022 - Muskingum County
• Felonious Assault (x2) = Dismissed
Our client faced a Felonious Assault charge after being falsely accused of assaulting a neighbor who had been harassing and threatening him. With the landlord's support, Attorney Kris Hill successfully demonstrated that our client had acted in self-defense. Hill's unwavering stance on self-defense ultimately led to the prosecutor's decision to dismiss the case entirely.
July 2022 - Perry County
Not Guilty
• Felonious Assault = Not Guilty
Our client faced assault charges following an incident where he was attacked by the mother of a friend while he was sleeping in his car at his private residence. In a state of confusion, our client defended himself, mistaking the situation for a mugging. Attorney Kris Hill successfully demonstrated to the jury that our client was not the aggressor and had no intention to harm the woman. As a result, the jury delivered a verdict of "not guilty" on the felonious assault charge.
October 2022 - Morgan County
Not Guilty
• Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor = Not Guilty
Our client faced charges of sexual contact with a minor after a 15-year-old girl reported the incident to her father. This occurred during a time when the girl was being reprimanded for engaging in activities such as smoking marijuana, underage drinking, and vaping. Our client believed her claims of being 18 and with supporting evidence, Attorney Kris Hill got a verdict of "not guilty" in our client's favor.
November 2022 - Muskingum County
Hung Jury
• Gross Sexual Imposition (x10) = Hung Jury
Our client faced allegations of molesting his stepdaughter, who made these claims when she was in trouble with her biological parents and sought a way to alleviate her situation. Despite skepticism from her family members, legal charges were pressed. Attorney Kris Hill successfully demonstrated the lack of evidence and a problematic investigation, resulting in a hung jury. Our client, ready to be done with the legal ordeal, opted for a plea deal.
April 2023 - Coshocton County
Not Guilty
• Littering = Not Guilty
Our client faced littering accusations when he hired someone to dispose of trash at a landfill, but the contracted individual unlawfully dumped it near a relative's residence instead. Attorney Kris Hill effectively demonstrated our client's complete unawareness and lack of involvement in the illegal dumping, securing a "not guilty" verdict with the jury.
May 2023 - Muskingum County
Not Guilty
• Gross Sexual Imposition (x2) = Not Guilty
• Rape = Not Guilty

Our client was accused of rape by his fiancée's underage sibling months after the family stayed in a house for one night. Our client stayed in one room with his fiancée while the accuser stayed in a separate section of the house with another adult. Represented by Attorney Kris Hill, our client was found "not guilty" due to a flawed investigation and the family's beliefs that the alleged incident did not take place, coupled with the absence of any supporting evidence.
August 2023 - Muskingum County
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