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Are you worried that you won’t be able to afford a lawyer? Graham Law handles most cases on a contingency basis, including all personal injury, social security, and workers’ compensation cases. That means we charge no hourly fees—and no fees at all—unless we recover money for you. Without contingency fees, most people would not be able to access the legal system, even when the law is on their side.

Contingency fees are one of the ways that our personal injury attorneys put clients at ease about the claims process. Thanks to the contingency fee model, injury victims can dedicate their time and energy to getting well again—not worrying about legal costs. In addition to contingency pricing, our attorneys offer free initial case reviews.

What are Contingency Fees?

Contingency fees are a type of attorneys’ fees that are only paid if the attorney recovers money for the client, either as a result of a settlement or a jury verdict. In other words, the fee is contingent upon an attorney recovering compensation. If the lawyer is unable to recover money, the client does not pay the attorney any money (except, possibly, court filing fees and similar charges). If the lawyer wins the case, their fee comes out of the money awarded to the client.

The contingency percentage can vary, but is usually around one-third of the client’s recovery. When contingency fees are used, the attorney and client put into a written contract the actual terms of the arrangement. In Ohio, contingent fee agreements must follow guidelines established in the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, which were adopted by the state’s Supreme Court.

Why Contingency Fees?

Graham Law believes that an injured person’s first obligation is to get well again. A big part of this is eliminating the stress that comes with a personal injury claim. As attorney Bob McClelland explains, “When a client or family member comes to me for help after an accident or incident, my first concern is with their well-being. I do everything within my power to help ease my clients’ fears and anxieties about their medical treatment, the legal system, and related-costs, so they can focus on healing.”

An injury victim who is worried about legal expenses is not 100% focused on regaining their physical and mental health. Since contingency fee lawyers pay for all lawsuit costs upfront, paying an attorney is one less thing the victim has to worry about.

The High Cost of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits are a type of civil lawsuit that involve an injury to the mind, body, and/or emotions. Car and truck accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, dangerous consumer products, and medical malpractice are all resolved by way of personal injury lawsuits.

Litigation, as you probably know, is not cheap. But some people are surprised to learn how expensive even a simple lawsuit can be. According to Court Statistics Project, the median cost of an automobile accident lawsuit is more than $40,000, while the median cost of a premises liability lawsuit (i.e., slip, trip, and fall) is more than $50,000. Some cases cost less than this, but many cost significantly more. And each year, lawsuit costs continue to rise.

Could you afford to pay $40,000 – $50,000 in out-of-pocket legal expenses? Most Americans could not. In fact, Americans are filing far fewer civil lawsuit than they used to—in part due to rising litigation costs.

High litigation costs tip the legal playing field in favor of wealthy individuals and powerful special interests—such as insurance companies. They know that, if they drag on litigation for long enough and costs get too high, personal injury victims will accept a subpar settlement, or possibly even abandon their claim.

Contingency fees allow ordinary people with personal injuries to pursue the full value of their claim, even if they cannot afford to pay an attorney out-of-pocket. They are absolutely vital to ensuring that everyday men, women, and children hurt through no fault of their own are able to obtain justice.

For example, last year in southeast Ohio, the contingency-fee model allowed a family to recover $44 million against a medical laboratory that misdiagnosed a boy’s ear infection. Because of the infection, the boy is now paralyzed and requires 24-7 nursing care, reports The Athens News. The personal injury verdict, one of the largest in Ohio history, was reached after years of litigation. The verdict included past and future medical bills, home renovations and equipment, future lost earnings, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, and mental anguish. Without contingency fees, the family likely would not have been able to see the case through to trial.

Get a Free Case Review From a Zanesville Personal Injury Attorney

If Graham Law represents you in a personal injury lawsuit, there is no cost unless we recover compensation on your behalf. This is just one of the many ways we help Ohioans who have been hurt due to unfortunate circumstances. To discuss an injury matter, please schedule your free consultation.

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