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There is a powerful energy out on the roads that people need to recognize. It’s the ever-present “road karma.” If you have never heard of road karma, it’s probably because you are the type that doesn’t let the little old lady merge onto the freeway. Or maybe you’re the type to never let that soccer dad, with a van full of kids, exit out of the local McDonald’s when all you had to do was stop short of the exit as you waited for the light to change.

If you are the type that I’ve described; watch out! Road karma is based on the simple and common courtesy that every driver should have for other drivers. If you don’t abide by such courtesy, road karma will catch up to you at the worst times. Like when you are running late for that important appointment, road karma will make sure you hit every stop light. Or, when you have one of those major ‘intestinal attacks,’ you will undoubtedly find yourself following that car going 10 miles below the speed limit who’s left turn signal is stuck blinking for 17 blocks.

“He who blesses another driver, shall be blessed himself.” I believe that’s an ancient Chinese proverb. Or I read that from a fortune cookie. Maybe not. But anyway, this is your fair warning. Abide by the rules of road karma, or else.

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