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Governor Mike DeWine has signed legislation that could allow teachers and other school employees to carry guns after receiving 24 hours of training. Under the new law, the decision to arm school personnel will be made by local school boards, which will have the ability to create gun training plans that have to meet certain state standards. However, the new training standards are much looser than what state law previously required. The signing of the Ohio armed teacher law occurred on June 13—the same day that Ohio’s new permitless carry law took effect.

What To Know About Ohio’s Teacher Carry Law

With growing concerns over school shootings and the ability of police to respond in a timely manner, many localities are debating how to best protect students and staff. Ohio now joins a minority of states that allow armed K-12 personnel. Here are the main things to know about House Bill 99:

  • Permits a school district board or governing body to allow school staff, including teachers, to carry firearms in a school zone.
  • In those districts that allow armed school personnel, individuals must receive up to 24 hours of training and up to 8 hours of requalification training each year. Some school boards may choose to mandate additional training, but this is not required.
  • The 24 hours of initial instruction and training must include at least four hours of training in scenario-based or simulated training exercises, as well as in areas such as mitigation and de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, trauma and first aid care, and the history and pattern of school shootings.
  • The law creates the Ohio School Safety and Crisis Center within the Ohio Department of Public Safety, to be operated by the Ohio Mobile Training Team.
  • Districts that want their school personnel to carry firearms will submit training plans to the Center for approval. Those plans will have to comply with the standards established under House Bill 99.
  • The Ohio armed teacher law goes into effect on September 12, 2022.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer May Be Needed for Acts of Self-Defense

While there is controversy over whether Ohio’s armed teacher law is the right way to address school safety, it is important to understand the law and how it affects your firearm rights.

The decision to use a gun to protect yourself and others can bring with it legal repercussions, even when the law is on your side. You may have to hire a lawyer to clear yourself of criminal charges. Even if you use a gun in self-defense, you should discuss your situation with a criminal defense lawyer out of an abundance of caution.

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