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Why You Need an Ohio Car Accident Attorney

You may wonder whether or not you need an Ohio car accident lawyer when you’ve been involved in an accident, great or small. The moments following a car accident are terrifying and stressful. When you are involved in any type of car crash (or other personal injury accident), it is challenging to keep a cool head while talking to first responders and other parties at the accident scene. But everything you say—to police officers, other drivers, and insurance companies—will be used during the claims process. Forewarned is forearmed. Common missteps do happen. We list six below.

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Here are the top six common missteps people make when involved in a car crash in Ohio:


You may be injured, overwhelmed, in shock, or unclear about what actually happened. So wait before telling your side of the story. If police arrive, give them your name, address, and driver’s license, but say only that you’d like to speak with your lawyer before making any statement. That will give you time to reflect on the incident and get advice. Details will likely emerge to help your case as your lawyer guides you through the car accident investigation process. He or she can prevent you from saying something that could ultimately hurt your case and cost you money.


If you delay getting immediate, proper, or complete treatment following a car accident, it might be assumed that your injuries are not severe enough to merit any compensation. No matter how slight your injury, you should go to an emergency room, urgent care center, or your doctor immediately after the incident to protect your case. And be sure to follow up on all doctor’s orders until he or she determines you have fully recovered.


Although Ohio law doesn’t require that you contact police after a car accident (except when there are injuries or extensive damage), it’s generally wise to do so. Once on the scene, police can help verify the visual facts and file a report that could later protect you. Why? Because you may not at first realize the extent of your injuries, the damage to your car may be greater than you think, and the other driver may make false claims or admit fault at the accident scene but later retract it. But remember, don’t speak too soon without a lawyer present, or at least on the phone guiding you through what to say or not to say. If police are not available, you yourself should file an accident report, which can be found online (for many Ohio cities and counties) or obtained at the local police station.

Practical Pointer: Ohio Car Accident Victims Need Experienced Counsel! While no one expects to be a victim, accidents do happen. And when they happen to you, an experienced legal partner in your corner, fighting for you, is what you need. We want to be that partner because we have seen first-hand how cases can spiral out of control when victims do not have adequate counsel and advocacy.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains complete crash reports and crash photographs from crashes investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol only. Car crash reports and photographs are retained for five years, and can be obtained at


Insurance companies will try to find weaknesses in your case—and a public social media account can be a gold mine for them. Do not post photos celebrating with friends, playing basketball, or participating in any activity that contradicts your claim that you are at home recovering from your injuries after an auto accident. Those images can severely damage your case if found by an insurer. Following a car accident, pause your social media activity or make your account visible to Friends Only.


Filing an insurance claim may appear simple and straightforward, but doing it on your own to save money could end up costing you. For example, if you are getting deeper in debt with medical bills or lost wages, an insurance company’s settlement offer may sound like a lot of money to you. But a capable car accident or personal injury lawyer will know more accurately how much your injury is worth. He or she may advise you to decline the first offer, which is often lower than fair compensation, and can negotiate a larger settlement.


When the offender’s insurance company receives your claim, an employee, called an adjuster, will ask you questions about the car accident or crash. That employee’s job is to find a weakness in your claim so that the insurance company can deny it or hold you responsible in part. Best to say as little as possible when speaking to an adjuster. Be aware that the statements you make can come back to hurt your case. Consulting with a knowledgeable Ohio auto accident lawyer before you talk to an adjuster, or having your lawyer handle the conversation, could save your claim.


We’ve been helping people involved in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents that occur in Ohio for nearly 100 years. With Graham Law, you are in safe hands. We will aggressively pursue every angle to ensure that you receive the continuing medical care that you need and that compensation is allotted to pay for it.

At Graham Law we know firsthand that your best chance for a successful auto accident claim starts by speaking with a lawyer—an lawyer who knows Ohio’s car accident and personal injury law. We provide this service at no cost. Call 1-800-621-8585 or send us a message. During the free initial consultation, we’ll listen to you and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

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