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Dogs bite approximately 4.5 million Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 1 in 5 dog bite victims require medical attention, the CDC also notes.

Typically, when a dog injures somebody, the dog owner’s home insurance covers the victim’s losses, which can include medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. But when the owner does not have dog bite coverage, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the owner.

Matters can become more complex if the owner doesn’t have insurance and your only option is to file a lawsuit. Filing a dog bite lawsuit without an attorney is not recommended. Only an attorney can accurately evaluate the value of your claim, determine which laws apply to the case, and effectively present evidence. Especially when a dog bite causes serious, disfiguring injuries, not hiring an attorney could result in inadequate compensation.

At the very least, you should discuss a dog bite injury with an attorney. During a free case review with Graham Law, we’ll go over what happened and help you decide the best course of action.


Dog attacks are highly publicized for their severity, but they’re not the only animal you should take caution around. A study done by Stanford University from 2008 to 2015 found that “other mammals”, for example, cats, horses, cows, and other farm animals, resulted in ninety percent of all nonvenomous animal-caused fatalities.

Cats bite and scratch approximately 750,000 people each year and even though most of these injuries are minor some can cause serious infections that can turn fatal. According to the CDC, Forty percent of cats carry a bacterium called Bartonella “B” henselae at some point in their life. Infected cats can pass this on to humans through the person’s open wounds. Causing the person to become ill and in some cases, if untreated, die.

When considering injuries caused by farm animals you may first think about bites, kicks, and other direct causes of injuries. However, animals can in-directly cause harm. For example, a person seeing signs of aggression and fearing an attack runs away from the animal. In the process of running away, they fall and break a bone. This injury can result in expensive medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering

Owners may be held liable for the injuries caused by their animals. When an injury occurs, you should seek medical treatment and call an attorney immediately. Graham Law can review your case at no cost to you and walk you through what actions can be taken.

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