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Reasons for Hope During National Recovery Month

Sep 19, 2019 - National Recovery Month

Rebecca Thayer was a heroin and cocaine user whose addiction was so bad she found herself homeless, living on the streets. “I stayed in abandoned houses, I’ve eaten out of dumpsters. I’ve caught many charges from stealing from stores to support my addiction,” Rebecca told WYSO, Greater Dayton area’s National Public Radio (NPR) News station, … Continue reading “Reasons for Hope During National Recovery Month”

What You Should Know About Ohio Dog Bite Law

Apr 11, 2019 - Dog Bite Law, Personal Injury

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows from experience that their loyalty and companionship makes them “man’s best friend.” But, anyone who has ever been bitten by a dog has a totally different opinion: The experience is physically and emotionally traumatic. Dogs bite millions of people each year, leading to hundreds of millions of … Continue reading “What You Should Know About Ohio Dog Bite Law”

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